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AFB's Hunt for the Perfect SF Alley

Aaron went out searching for the perfect alley in SF. We happened to capture this one in his hunt for radness.

Tomio Finds the Fresh Pave

The pavement was so fresh on this NorCal run that Tomio literally was chasing the steam roller down the hill.

80A Serratas are here!

Continuing the progress our wheel lineup, we're stoked to announce the latest addition to our wheel arsenal, the Serrata 80A! Maintaining the same shape and profile as our 82A Serrata, we've added a softer formula option for those riders who are looking for more grip on high speed runs. You'll find yourself taking faster lines with the same smooth and predicable slide that you know from our Volante thane formula. It's no surprise that the Serrata 80A performs, ask Marisa Nunez who won Newton's Nation this summer on our new 80A Serrata Wheel.

NEW 64mm Checkers out NOW!

Check out the all new 64mm Checker wheel and get rolling today!

Liam on the Proto

Back in the prototype phase of his now released 82A Morgan Wheel, Dustin snapped this shot on his Hassleblad in the last patch of dry pavement before a storm rolled through.

THE SPOT vol. I with Liam Morgan

Liam Morgan destroys a seasoned Oakland spot in the first installment to THE SPOT video series. Each Spot video features a Volante Team rider doing what they do best in a new spot each episode. Keep an eye out for more SPOT video's to come!

Click to watch THE SPOT Vol. 1 with Liam Morgan!

Alpine Routes full movie dropping June

Alpine Routes is a project I've had in my head since the first time I skated those roads back in 2008. Five years later, we finally had the perfect crew to spend a week camping up in the mountains and skating some of the gnarliest big mountain roads in Northern California. It's always amazing to see how the sport changes each year and people get burlier than ever on these roads. I couldn't be more stoked on how the trip went - we all made it back in one piece and had some epic footage to show for it!

NEW 82A Morgan Silver

We're stoked to announce the newest addition to our Morgan wheel lineup. Liam has been hard on the grind perfecting every aspect of his new Silver 82A Morgan wheel. Check out the full story behind the wheel at

Liam and Marisa - Analog Series

Liam and Marisa threw down on this classic Berkeley hill showing there's more than one way to take a corner! Photo: Damron

Marisa wins Newtons Nation!

Marisa is off to a strong start on her Serrata race wheel this season with her first major win at Newtons Nation! Big congratulations on the win in Australia, may it be the first of many!

Ithaca Slide Jam is Tomorrow!

Last year was insane! Located on Buffalo street in Ithaca, NY we'll be filling the hill with your share of ramps, rails, jibs, and of course a steep downhill section for slides of all kinds. Come on out for a rad day of shredding then catch up with us at the after party in downtown Ithaca.

Downhill to Darkroom

The photo gnomes at Volante have been working long nights in the darkroom to bring you this new photo series shot all on film cameras. Ten years ago this was standard practice but with digital so prevalent these days, it's nice to switch things up and bring things back to their roots! Leading off is the first photo montage of Liam Morgan skating one of this hometown favorites. Photo: Damron

The Scholarship hits the Disco

Tuesday morning felt like a Monday. Monday felt like a Sunday. Here it is now Friday again and it has been just over a week since 16 of us left San Francisco to blaze down to San Diego for the Muir Skate Downhill Disco. It was a warm Thursday afternoon when we left the city in the slider's bus en route to camp at a friends house in Santa Barbara. Just a few miles north from the notorious Isla Vista where debauchery and all kinds of rad shit goes down, we settled on what was a retired orchid plantation. The property was no more than a quarter mile from the ocean and was littered with old green houses turned into living spaces and skate ramps. We were stoked to have a rad place to crash that entertained a bunch of skater's for the night - thanks Mike! That morning after a refreshing marination at the beach, the crew packed up and jetted down to the Muir warehouse. As in tradition, we stopped in Malibu to skate one of the many infamous canyon runs. The next two days were spent partying at Muir, skating the many ramps at the disco, and hanging with old friends. Skate events lately feel more like a family reunion than a competition. Most people you see only a few times a year so it's always rad to catch up at these events. Monday came up quick and it was time to leave the disco and start working our way back up North. Once again, we stopped off at a central Cali gem to make some turns and get our downhill fix. All in all, bus trips kick ass, the Muir disco was as rad as ever, and I'm still feeling the effects from last weekend. Thanks Scott from Muir and everyone else who helped put on the event, you'll be sure to see us next year!

Words and images by Blake Smith.

Wild Boar's Skatesgiving

Wild Boar and the guys at DGM snapped this shot on their Skatesgiving trip last fall. Photo: Olivier Seguin-Leduc at

Bombin into the mist...

Last week winter in NorCal reminded us that it was still around but that didn't stop AFB, Tyler, and Byron from taking runs down this Berkeley classic.

Marisa Nunez takes Rosco's

Last weekend Marisa took first with her Serrata's in the womens division at the Rosco's Wrecker race in Santa Cruz! Marisa is spending the next few months in Northern California with the Volante crew so keep an eye out for more media to come from her soon!

Liam gets the cover of Skate[Slate]

The newest issue of Skate[Slate] Magazine hit the shelves this week featuring Liam Morgan on the cover. Check it out and get the full scoop on Liam in the 'Cutting Class' article!

Blake is back on two feet!

Two months after a surgery to reconstruct Blake's ACL and Meniscus, he's finally walking again and gearing up to skate this summer! Just a friendly reminder to skate safe out there everyone.

Liam Morgan Backside in B-town

Liam Morgan dodges one of the many potholes in Berkeley with this smooth backslide slide.

Welcome to the team Aaron Grulich!

We couldn't be more stoked to announce Aaron to the Volante team! On top of being a long time homie, AFB has been killing it in Northern California for years. Keep an eye out for big things coming from AFB this year!

Wild Boar skates Saucetown

New York native Wild Boar spent last week skating up in NorCal with the team. We caught him blasting through this rad lefty in Saucetown on his last day in California.

Eric Jensen hits NORCAL

Canadian transplant Eric Jensen landed in Norcal this week with more skateboards than cloths on his back. Check out this first photo of him skating the Oakland hills with a switch check.

Ed Garner throws down for the East

Ed Garner catches a backside check before the East Coast winter hits. Friend Dan Fontz is holding down the back. Photo - Ben Wasser

Liam and Jesse Laguna Feature

The final photo teaser from the Liam and Jesse video shoot down in Laguna is here. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for the duo video dropping soon!

Liam and Jesse Take Laguna

Liam and Jesse spent some time last week down south filming a doubles video on some amazing roads. We managed to catch Jesse in action in the first of many photo's from the video shoot. Check it out, and be sure to keep you eye's out for a Liam and Jesse video coming soon!

The New YouTube Page is Live!

Winter months got you down? Check out the new official Volante YouTube page at We'll be updating the page constantly so be sure to subscribe so you're first to see all our new videos!

Ed Garner Throwin' Down

Volante AM rider Ed Garner shows he can beat the brutal East Coast winter with style and grace. Watch Ed 'throw down' in his new VIDEO feature from Spencer Flaherty! Want to see more of Ed? Check out our FACEBOOK page and let us know what you think!

Click here to watch the video

Liam in SF

We just posted Liam Morgan riding his new pro model Morgan wheel in Caliber's epic new video feature! You can find it over in the Videos section.

Click here to watch the video

Flis in Ithica

Check it out! We've got a video up of Anthony Flis ripping up the hills of Ithaca, NY in the fall of 2012.

Click here to watch the video

Blake Smith in SF

Fresh videos! Here's one of Caliber Video editor and Volante Brand Manager Blake Smith finding spots while cruising though San Francisco.

Click here to watch the video

Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new Volante Wheels website; we are stoked to have you here. Make sure to check out the team rider page to see what our riders preferred setups are, the photos and videos Volante has come out with so far, and most importantly check out our brand-new wheel the Serrata! Enjoy the site and have an epic weekend skating...

About Volante

Hailing out of Northern California, Volante Wheels prides itself not only in having some of the gnarliest runs, but also for their superior urethane and being a 100% skater-run company.

We believe that the faces behind a skateboard brand should be the same guys who ride the product. Each wheel we offer has been carefully designed and tested by the same skaters who ride and compete on them.

Skateboarding is a lifestyle, and our wheel line reflects the need for different wheel designs to suit every style of skateboarding. From bombing hills and freeriding, to cruising downtown after a session at the skatepark, we offer a wheel to get you there and back with maximum performance and style. Volante uses the highest quality American-made urethane available in all of their wheels, ensuring that your quiver is fully stocked and ready to shred.

Check out Volante Wheels and you'll find yourself somewhere in between having a rad time, and killing it!